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[sticky post] Intro post!

A little introduction of yourself would be nice :) Please refrain from adding if you are not somewhat active.
Thank you :)

In regards to sales, please refer to the following respective posts.
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In regards to fanwork, please refer to the following respective posts.
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Fanfiction Masterpost
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Fanfiction requests are taken ONLY at the community. Any request comments posted in the journal are ignored and deleted, with few exceptions.
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Thank you for looking at my sales page. Everything is official Japanese, in excellent condition unless otherwise indicated. Please READ everything. Open to negotiating because I really do want these things to find a new home as soon as possible. That being said, all sales are final. No cancellations/refunds will be given after you have paid unless the goods I sent are wrong. You may be eligible for discounts automatically if you get 2 or more items. Please inquire.

All comments are screened for privacy. Please comment so that I can keep track of the thread.
I only accept payment through Paypal in US Dollars only. I ship via USPS from the USA
I ship worldwide but the buyer bears shipping charges + Paypal & packaging fees (if applicable). US buyers preferred. I am not responsible for packages lost/damaged in the mail.
To make things simple, I may automatically charge $10 for domestic shipping and $25 for international shipping in advance. Actual total paid with a difference of $1 or more will be refunded or requested. Edit: The shipping cost may be written a little bit differently in the invoice if there are handling fees applied.

(In the process of updating)
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updated January 23, 2017


I'm in a maze......






[oneshot] Returning the Favor

Title: Returning the Favor
Author: kame_no_arashi
Pairing: Kitayama Hiromitsu x Yasui Kentaro x Kamenashi Kazuya
Summary: Kitayama takes revenge for Yasui tattling to Nakai-kun (This comes from Oct 14, 2014 episode of Mininaru Toshokan).
Disclaimer: It's my first time writing a smut, so it's not good ><

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[oneshot] Adopted for Love

Title: Adopted for Love
Author: kame_no_arashi
Pairing: Kitayama x Fujigaya; Kitayama x Kamenashi
Disclaimer: title and plot are to the courtesy of mexony
Summary: Kitayama grew up as an orphan. Growing up, he had always wanted to find out who his parents are. As an adult, he meets Fujigaya, who helps him find his parents… only to find out that his parents disowned him. When that happens, Kitayama’s smile could no longer be found. This is when Fujigaya devotes himself to become Kitayama’s parent. Will Kitayama be able to smile again after being adopted by Fujigaya? 

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[series] Part 1: I Love You

Title: I Love You
Author: swimmer_chen
Genre: romance
Pairing: Yabu x OC x Inoo
Summary: Reiko and Inoo like each other. Yabu also likes Reiko. Yabu confesses to Reiko first and she decides to give him a chance. What would happen to Reiko and Inoo's relationship when Yabu is determined to make Reiko his? 

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